Established 1977

Procurement is the way to reduce costs while optimizing productivity and quality. We therefore work with our manufacturers in creating value within their own processes that can be passed on to our customers. A spirit of transparency and openness defines how we interact and connect with our manufacturers. Our approach is clear and mutually beneficial for a long term relationship.

Quality Assurance

Industry knowledge and professional approach results in quality output. We never compromise quality for cost. Systems of implementation and compliance are an integral part of our organization. These are backed by our manufacturers having ISO standards, Underwriters Laboratories certification, and any others as required by our customers at the time of placing the order.

Inspection and Testing
Test LabInspection and Testing are operational parts of our quality control system. These are performed before, during and after the products are manufactured. This ensures the product's design, color, dimensions, intended uses and performance are met as specified by our customers. The test reports of the products are done in-house with calibrated instruments or by outside accredited labs.